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 Double DMA Joker Breakdown

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PostSubject: Double DMA Joker Breakdown   Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:01 am

Credit for writing up tut goes to kHaoZ.

Before trying this I suggest learning how to subroutine and regular joker and joker on and off.

Our Code (FTB2):
#Player Grabber/Freezer
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00505858
0x00000630 0x0000001B
0x00000638 0x00000000

Our Control Address:

Real Controll Addresss: 09a8e1e4 ;ftb2
Fake; 0127e1e4

Our Button Values:

0100=L Trigger
0200=R Trigger
8000 ; []
4000 ; X
3000 ; ()
8200 = R + []

To get L+[] I added 8000 + 0100 which got me 8100.

Breaking down the MIPS.
My Routine in REAL addressing:

0x08800098 0x0a200800;j $08802000 //Takes you to your safe area
0x08802000 0x3c0808d0;lui t0, $08d0 //first half of your pointer(0050)
0x08802004 0x3c0909a8;lui t1, $09a8 //First half of your control address
0x08802008 0x8529e1e4;lh t1, $e1e4(t1) //Second Half of your control address(e1e4)
0x0880200c 0x240b8100;addiu t3, zero, $8100 //Our Button Value Which in this case is L+[](8100)
0x08802010 0x35085858;ori t0, t0, $5858 //Second Half of Pointer (5858)
0x08802014 0x152b0007;bne t1, t3, $08802034 // Will branch to the jr ra line
0x08802018 0x00000000;nop //Skip a line after branching
0x0880201c 0x8d0c0000;lw t4, $0000(t0) //First half value of the first offset
0x08802020 0x240d001b;addiu t5, zero, $001b //Second Half value of the first offset
0x08802024 0xad8d0630;sw t5, $0630(t4) //First offset
0x08802028 0x8d0d0000;lw t5, $0000(t0) //First half value of the second offset
0x0880202c 0x240d0004;addiu t5, zero, $0004 //Second Half value of the second offset
0x08802030 0xad8d0634;sw t5, $0634(t4) //Second offset
0x08802034 0x03e00008;jr ra //jr ra will end my function

08802000 minus 08800000 equals 2000 which ends us with this
In Fake Addressing:

#Player Freezer
;Jokered to L+[]
0x00000098 0x0a200800
0x00002000 0x3c0808d0
0x00002004 0x3c0909a8
0x00002008 0x8529e1e4
0x0000200c 0x240b8100
0x00002010 0x35085858
0x00002014 0x152b0007
0x00002018 0x00000000
0x0000201c 0x8d0c0000
0x00002020 0x240d001b
0x00002024 0xad8d0630
0x00002028 0x8d0d0000
0x0000202c 0x240d0004
0x00002030 0xad8d0634
0x00002034 0x03e00008
;Joker by kHaoZ

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Just a Killah.

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Double DMA Joker Breakdown

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